Summer  2019 we will be unable to fill product request accept for our soap which is listed below  (limited supplies) until further notice.  We are in the middle of a life changing move,  all good  but we are unable to accsess our supplies.  I will continue with our newly created blog section as time permits.  So check back for those musings........

Namaste,  Pam 


Pam’s Pixie Spa


At Pam’s Spa you will find self care products that are all handmade with organic ingredients.  No preservatives at all except for vitamin E that acts like a preservative.  Remember everything you put on your body goes inside your body to your organs through the largest organ we have, the skin. So choosing handcrafted with organic ingredients  is best for you and your family. Plant & earth-based products intended to heal & restore. Healing teas, tinctures, tonics, oils & more!



*Choose to love yourself today and start eliminating chemicals and preservatives  in your daily body care regimen.

Email for availability

Beach pebble necklaces

Beach pebble necklaces gatered and created by me.  These pebbles are  filled with the water element which can be worn to promote  a cleansed  mind and body. Also a subtle reminder that  fluidity is needed throughout the day for a calm productive day. $20 inc. postage 

Crystal Light Soap 

Special Mother’s Day jumbo soap bars called Crystal Light, lightly scented vanilla/lavender with soothing pink hymalayan salt or sea salt  added for a gentle exfoliant scrub. Each bar of soap also has at least one or more tiny piece of reiki infused quartz crystal. Animal free vegan  glycerine based soap  

Benefits of glycerine based soap: Glycerin soap is gentler on skin than most soaps, making it a good choice for people who have particularly dry or sensitive skin.  Glycerin soap also has a lower pH than other soaps, which helps the skin retain its natural moisture. Soaps vary a great deal in terms of their ingredients. For example, while some soaps make your skin dry, other soaps are very moisturizing. Glycerin soaps are considered to be one of the most moisturizing types of soap. The unique quality of this type of soap allows it to be both moisturizing and effective for all different kinds of skin. The benefits of glycerin soap help your skin become healthy and moisturized. Glycerin is thought to be a humectant, which means that it can attract moisture. Due to this quality, glycerin soaps attract moisture to your skin and keep it locked in. This provides your skin constant hydration. Unlike some soaps that dry your skin out and make it feel tight and even flaky, glycerin soap keeps your skin feeling more hydrated for several hours after you use it. Using glycerin soap on a regular basis can help your skin become softer and suppler.  By keeping your skin well moisturized, you can create the foundation for healthy skin. Completely moisturized and healthy skin prevents you from developing wrinkles, stretch marks and tears in your skin. Although glycerin is a great soap to clean your whole body, using it to wash your face can offer you additional benefits. Using harsh soap that dries out the skin of your face often causes your skin to make up for its dryness by creating extra oil, which clogs your skin and creates skin problems. Glycerin soap can help decrease mild skin irritations when you used regularly 


while supplies last 3 for $16 includes postage in USA

Email to order 

 limited supply  

mini bars 3 for $12 includes postage in USA

Contact me via email  or contact through this website to order - paypal accepted

Vanilla sweet cream soap cakes

Hand crafted hair sticks

Email me to order

WHILE THEY LAST! Handmade hardwood hair sticks.  Great for pinning your hair up when caring for your face with one of my organic facial products!! Or just use as a  accessory for your hair or as a shawl closure  😉 $14 ea 2 for $25  includes postage in the US we do combine shipping for better rate add this on to any order for no additional shipping 🌹

Email me to order 



Healthy Healing Tea

Great detox tea to aid in a healthy body daily or use at the change of each season to help support the body

12.00 anywhere in the US 

Blendied spices for a healthy healing tea.  According to Ayurveda, this tea may help to support the following::

Cleanses and detoxifies the body

Reduces bloating, indigestion and cramps

Helps improve metabolism which aids in weight loss therefor supports weight management

Cleanses the urinary tract 

Enhances nutrient absorption


Organic Ingredients cumin seed, coriander and fennel seed 

1 heaping tsp in 8-10 oz of boiling water, steep for 5 full minutes. Remove tea infuser and use a second time in 6 oz water. this bag will make 25 first time cups and 25 second use cups,  😉 if you are so inclined to use the infuser a second time. I do. 

Calendula Butter

Calendula Butter is an amazing butter for hands, small wounds, rashes, cracked chapped areas and eczema patches. It has amazing healing properties. It’s moisturizing and is an anti inflammatory. This butter offers protective properties against the harsh environment. I’m very happy to say I receive rave reviews on this butter. 

Olive and sesame seed oil is infused with the beautiful orange yellow petals for 6-8 weeks to create this butter. Beeswax is also in the blend and we all know the healing properties that offers.  🐝 This is truly an amazing herb and should be included on everyone’s natural medication shelf.  $15 includes  shipping in the US. Please remember combing shipping for better rates is always an option. E-mail to order or if you have any questions.  Remember what you put on your body, goes into your body. So be kind to yourself and know what’s being applied to you skin, our largest organ. 

Pixie facial steam treatment, calendula, rose,  buds, lavender, jasmine, chamomile and infused with reiki love ♥️. This is an amazing nourishing steam treatment for     the face. As an added bonus this blend encourages a peaceful state of mind. Use as strictly a facial treatment or whenever you  need to relax. 1 heaping tsp will offer the magic. $14 postage included anywhere in the USA   Please contact me to order 8 in stock

JAVA under eye treatment, reduces fine lines, dark circles, adds hydration around the eyes and will last months and months. A tiny bit goes a very long way, Coffee and vanilla    bean infused olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E     and whole coffee bean. Only organic ing. used $16 postage included anywhere in the US         contact me to order 8 in stock

Please note jars may differ from photo. I’m slowly changing from glass to plastic for lighter weights on shipping. But the measurements are the same

Anti aging face treatment, changes the appearance of your skin dramatically, adding a glow, diminishing fine lines, calming any red spots and can even lighten dark spots. With spectacular healing oils. Frankincense,  Sandalwood, avocado  oil, coconut oil, vit E oil, beeswax and infused with reiki love.  Everything in this blend is extremely healing and protective. Added is Frankincense resin for continued healing infusion. When your jar is empty keep the resin tucked in your pillow and let frankincense continue to care for you. $16 includes postage anywhere in the USA TO order please email me 6 available

Pixie roll up hand lotion bars, made with amazing anti microbial essential oils, cinnamon, clove, sweet orange, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter and reiki love. Extremely hydrating and protective.  The antimicrobial oils will will offer protection against pesky germs.  $8 postage included anywhere in the USA. To order please email me  12 available

Nag Champa roller bottles with tiny little purple amethyst crystals to continually infuse this highly sacred Nag Champa Oil from India.  Amethyst helps to balance the crown chakra, our emotions and helps protect us physically. Ing.  coconut oil, dried healing botanicals of rose, lavender, calendula and jasmine. Infused with reiki thoughts of love, peace and kindness. This is very concentrated a dab goes a long way making this last a very long time.  Wonderfully grounding, spiritual and emotionally healing $14 postage included in the US  please contact me to order 6 available

RESPIRATORY SUPPORT roller bottle. Highly effective in supporting our bodies with allergens, colds, fights against germs and helps with mild respiratory problems. Use daily to support these functions by simply rolling some into the palm of your hand, cupping your hands over your nose and mouth and inhale for a minute. Rub remaining oil on back of neck. Wash hands so you do not accidentally get it into your eyes. This in not a replacement for a Dr’s visit if needed. Not for children under 12 yrs. $14 includes postage in the US to order email me at 8 available

Large rose water spray infused with amethyst healing crystals and elderberries. The pretty color is from the elderberry.  My signature blend 🌹 scent is purely light rose. Elderberry:natural antioxidant responsible for assisting in the removal of damaging free radicals. They are anti-bacterial (useful for acne), anti-viral (useful for cold sore treatment), anti-allergic (useful for allergic rashes), and anti-inflammatory (take down inflammation. Just a few sprays and your face will feel amazingly refreshed and replenished with a light nourishing moisture layer.

Rose water: works to restore and balance your skin's pH level, help tired eyes look their best, as well as un-block and tighten stubborn pores, and banish discoloration. When empty use spring water with the amethyst for a healing hydrating cooling face spray. Amethyst: has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing. Great for meditation! - refreshes

- Facial Toner - uplifting scent - Eye Brightener - soothes blotchy red spots - Hair Treatment - soothes hot flashes - Aftershave Treatment - antimicrobial - Sets makeup.  4 oz bottle 16.00 includes postage in the USA

Pam’s Pixie Versitile Head/Neckwear


  • Meterial Feature: strechable, soft, breathable, sweat wicking and quick drying
  • Flat Length X Width:19.5 inch(49cm) X 9.7 inch(24cm); High stretchable to head circumference about 21.25-38.9inch,thickness is 0.5mm
  • Pams Pixie headbands perfect to use as a headband to protect hair while washing or steaming face, yoga wear, neck gaiter, wind or dust screen, wrist band, spring scarf or a helmet liner, more than 12 different ways to wear it. Be creative! A good gift for your friends and family and yourself as well
  • Great for many occations, like yoga, walking, running, hiking, bike riding and other sports. Not to mention a great accessory to any outfit! 
  • $12 includes  postage to anywhere in the US email me your choice to order. Pay pal  address supplied at time of order. 

What People Are Saying.....,,,

Eye treatment:


Love the eye treatment. I see and feel a difference in only one week-Karen


Thank you for your eye cream. I can see a dif. brighter skin tone! 


Dark circles are much lighter. Thank you 


Facial Steam: 


After I used  the steam my face glowed and looked hydrated. It must be good! 


Frankincense face treatment:


Love the scent and that it has real frankincense pieces in it. My face looks great in the morning. 


Send me a jug of this. I want it all over my body (:




Amazing, Love it. Great price too 


send me 4 more! That’s how good it works!


Lotion Stick:


Its alwsys in my purse. I don’t leave home without it. Very convenient. 


Dream Pillow:


love my herbal pillow. Makes me feel good. Next I’m trying the Rose water stuff


Versitile Head/Neck wear:


I need one of each of these neck-head accessories. Seriously 


love wearing this around  my neck. When I go out I pull it up over my head or ears.  Love the versitility of it.


Soap cakes:


Pam's soaps are amazing!! 


All I can say is silky. Will always have a bar in my shower 



*Choose Love For Yourself

By Eliminating as many toxins as possible from our lives and our families we are choosing to empower and love ourselves and our families.  This choice needs to be a daily conscience choice.  I’m here to help.  Please feel free to email me to order a product or ask a question. 

About Pam’s Pixie Spa


I am a one woman apothecary. I create small batches at a time, craft, test products myself, (or on occasion have friends test) I  package and ship them. 

I create and handcraft with only cruelty free, food grade and green environmentally safe ingredients in my products. I package minimally   All are created with organic or sustainably obtained herbs, flowers, oils and butters. My main focus is to create with holistic wellness in mind empowering others to take charge of what goes into their body.  The name of my business Pam’s “Pixie” comes from the idea of creating pixie sized products making them affordable to anyone.  So often we here that folks cannot eat or use natural organic products do to the cost. In a small way I hope that my pixie products and pixie pricing may help folks make good choices for themselves and family.  🌿


*Choose to love yourself  today 

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 I am a 62 almost 63-year-old who has been working toward finding a healthy lifestyle, peacefulness and compassion in my life for the past eight years or so. Yes I was a late bloomer. Through people I met, experiences, Yoga and many classes on various health and life related topics I feel that today I understand more about life, love, health, compassion and the list goes on. I’ll be learning my entire life this I know. I’m open to all experience and people that are knowledgeable and positive and hope through these life experiences I can share and teach others.  I’m a living example of “its never to late”  



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