Welcome to my pixie spa. It’s that time of year when I begin to create with my end of year flowers, herbs and essential oil’s. I create a line of products that are all natural and help promote health both emotionally and physically. Taking care of ourselves sometimes can seem a little overwhelming while we are caring for everyday life tasks and family. I create a line of products that are all natural and help promote health both emotionally and physically. The linemis created  to be very affordable, in small handy size packaging, hence the name Pams  Pixie Spa.  I only create small amounts at a time so that the product  is always fresh. I try to tend to my blog at least once a month which is also located on this site.    I hope you’ll find something that resonates with you. Don’t forget to check out my blog.

Namaste,  Pam 


Science supports that natural products for skin care and other uses work

Science supports the effectiveness of natural ingredients. As science progresses, there is more, not less proof that natural skincare is best for achieving great skin. A recent submission to the National Institute of Health reported that even though natural ingredients have been used for millennia in skincare and topical creams and lotions, research in the last twenty years has proven the benefits of an array of these natural ingredients. These include colloidal oatmeal and aloe vera for dermatitis, green tea, coconut oil, honey, and licorice, green tea and a number of herbs. We’ve also talked about the many scientific studies that have proven the positive results from aromatherapy – so why not give it a try? Science says so. The best proof is in the use. People often cite scientific studies and “scientific proof” as reasons they believe non-naturally occurring skincare works better. You know the studies. They often say things like “4 in 5 people reported X.” The truth is, larger companies have the ability to run expensive studies that most who create their own skincare products or make small, artisanal formulators can’t afford to replicate.  Yes, a store-bought remedy for acne or anti-aging may work – but that doesn’t mean natural, homemade alternatives don’t! And those alternatives may be more specifically attuned to the personal needs of your skin. Let me set you up with a skin care regimen that will work for you.

TO ORDER E-MAIL ME AT with the product or products you are interested in and I can quote you and combine shipping fees.  Paypal payment is best but i will accept a check pre arranged. Thank you and Namaste 🙏🏼

Pam’s Pixie Spa


At Pam’s Spa you will find self care products that are all handmade with organic ingredients.  No preservatives at all except for vitamin E that acts like a preservative.  Remember everything you put on your body goes inside your body to your organs through the largest organ we have, the skin. So choosing handcrafted with organic ingredients  is best for you and your family. Plant & earth-based products intended to heal & restore. Healing teas, tinctures, tonics, oils & more!

TO ORDER E-MAIL ME AT with the product or products you are interested in and i can quote you and combine shipping fees  paypal payment is best but i will accept a check pre arranged. thank you and Namaste 🙏🏼


*Choose to love yourself today and start eliminating chemicals and preservatives  in your daily body care regimen.


 Comfrey's original name, knitbone, derives from the external use of poultices of its leaves and roots to heal burns, sprains, swelling, and bruises. In Western Europe, comfrey has been used topically for treating inflammatory disorders such as arthritis, gout, and thrombophlebitis. We’ve made it into an amazing healing salve with a bit of lavender added for lavenders healing properties for skin. This is great for scrapes, mild burns, bug bites, mild rashes, bruises recover quicker it has anti fungus anti bacterial properties therefor can protect against infection. It’s a wonderful moisturizer for cracks on hands or feet. It’s my go to in the medicine cabinet instead of a over the counter ointment that’s loaded with unnecessary chemicals 

cost $10 plus postage 

email to order and get shipping quote


Tea blending classes now available

New in the Apothecary: Tea blending classes: We are now offering tea blending classes. You will create your own custom tea for the appropriate time of year to help support the health of your body. We learn about each herb and spice that goes into the tea. You blend and create your own to take home. I’ve created a wonderful supportive blend for autumn. Not only does it have many supportive healing qualities the aromatherapy of it is beautiful and also supportive. We will offer a particular tea blend that I have created each month. So not only will you go home with teabags to support your health you will learn about the supportive qualities of everything in the blend. Most of what will go into the blend can also be used on their own in a array of dishes or drinks. So in essence it’s not only a tea blending class it’s an herbal and spice lesson.

Cost $12 a person one on one or come with friends almost any day, anytime 

please email if intetested 


Beautiful healing moisturizing calendula from my herb garden with lavender added for its healing properties. Healing hydration for hands, feet and body. Wonderfully healing, daily use on hands or feet.  Penetrates easily allowing the healing attributes  of both the calendula and lavender to enter through your skin to treat from inside out.  Inhaling the scent on your hands after you apply also has a medicinal effect. The rich calendula color is like a ray of sunshine.

cost $10

email to order

*This is a different blend from our calendula butter. The butter is much better for lips and chapped cracked hands due to its higher content of organic beeswax. The butter protects   the salve treats 

Selenite Crystals

 Selenite is a powerful vibration crystal that can clear open and activate the crown and higher chakras and is excellent for or all types of spiritual work, prayer and meditation.   It has an amazing calming affect it offers protection and good luck. It helps rid  the aura of negativity. It’s strong protective energy can be felt by anyone who holds it. It will keep you safe during travel and offer a peaceful protective sleep. Healing is one of the primary properties of this Crystal, supportive for emotional or physical healing. So soft and smooth to handle, no mystery of why you can feel its amazing vibration.  In  my own crystal collection selenite is #1.  I believe with selenite in your car, next to your bed stand or in your purse you’ll feel nothing but positive high vibration energy and feel a relaxed state.  Set the intention  you desire, hold it to your crown  and breathe and all will be well.

Namaste  🙏🏼

Two sizes offered: large $10 smaller $7 plus postage 

Rose And Clear Quartz Facial Serum ❤️🌹

This is my most popular facial support blend. Rose facial serum with clear quartz crystals that have been Reiki infused with love, ❤️ and all the worlds beauty.  Tested by many, all good reports. One to two pumps spread on the entire face and neck.  After one use you can feel the silky affects that this has on your face even the next morning! The scent is amazing, soft an appealing to all of your senses. A rose bud floats around in the serum as a reminder to love yourself and those around you.  A wonderful way to retire in the evening. 🌹

cost $12 plus postage

email me to order

Choose To Love Yourself  ❤️

Healthy Healing Tea

Great detox tea to aid in a healthy body daily or use at the change of each season to help support the body

$8.00 plus postage

Blendied spices for a healthy healing tea.  According to Ayurveda, this tea may help to support the following::

Cleanses and detoxifies the body

Reduces bloating, indigestion and cramps

Helps improve metabolism which aids in weight loss therefor supports weight management

Cleanses the urinary tract 

Enhances nutrient absorption


Organic Ingredients cumin seed, coriander and fennel seed 

1 heaping tsp in 8-10 oz of boiling water, steep for 5 full minutes. Remove tea infuser and use a second time in 6 oz water. this bag will make 25 first time cups and 25 second use cups,  😉 if you are so inclined to use the infuser a second time. I do. 

Pam’s Everything Blend~ This is a blend from my herb garden which is used for culinary and medicinal purposes. This is a culinary blend of parsley, rosemary, thyme, garlic, peppers chives, and basil all dehydrated to creat an amazing tasty aromatic blend. This can be added to almost any dish. I add it to my eggs, egg salad, fish dishes, tuna salad, my salads and chicken. $5 plus postage


 This is a blend I’ve been working on for a while now. Researching the properties of each essential oil and blending the proper amount of each to make up this wonderfully relaxing, healing blend. It’s a combination of frankincense, lavender, citrus and cedarwood combined with fractionated coconut oil. It comes in a glass bottle with dropper. Start out by using 2 drops in your  palm, rub your palms together, inhale for 60 seconds wiping the remaining oil on and around your neck. You may also put 1 drop behind each ear.  This will last you a very long time  

cost 15.00 plus postage 

$12.00 plus postage Palo Santo room, linen or body spray with amathyst crystal bits to offer support for purification, protection and cleanses ones energy field of negative influences~Palo Santo is known to welcome creativity, love, and good fortune into your life. It can also brighten energy and promote feelings of positivity and joy. The scent is also shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance clarity and concentration. Palo Santo is wonderful for cleansing your space offering protection.

Patchouli, Vanilla Solid Scent~ This blend has an amazing effect on most anyone who wears it and anyone who picks up the sent from another person. It’s a very grounding sent that offers calm and relation. It’s a great sent to use for meditation or before your relaxation therapy. $10 plus postage

Calendula Butter

Calendula Butter is an amazing butter for lips, cracks on hands,  chapped areas on face and eczema patches. It has amazing healing protective properties. It’s moisturizing and is an anti inflammatory. This butter offers protective properties against the harsh environment. I’m very happy to say I receive rave reviews on this butter. 

*This is different from our calendula  salve  this works amazingly  well on chapped lips, chapped faces in the winter it has a higher content of beeswax than our salve. So this leaves more of a protection ceiling in moisture as it heals.   As a chapped  lip treatment and protection  this is like  a miracle and will last a long long time  

Olive and sesame seed oil is infused with the beautiful orange yellow petals for 6-8 weeks to create this butter. Beeswax is also in the blend and we all know the healing properties that offers.  🐝 This is truly an amazing herb and should be included on everyone’s natural medication shelf.  

Cost $10 plus postage to order   Remember what you put on your body, goes into your body. So be kind to yourself and know what’s being applied to you skin, our largest organ. 

Pixie facial steam treatment, calendula, rose,  buds, lavender, jasmine, chamomile and infused with reiki love ♥️. This is an amazing nourishing steam treatment for     the face. As an added bonus this blend encourages a peaceful state of mind. Use as strictly a facial treatment or whenever you  need to relax. 1 heaping tsp will offer the magic. $14 postage included anywhere in the USA   Please contact me to order 8 in stock

TO ORDER E-MAIL ME AT with the product or products you are interested in and I can quote you and combine shipping fees.  Paypal payment is best but i will accept a check pre arranged. Thank you and Namaste 🙏🏼

Coffee bean infused under eye butter

JAVA under eye treatment, reduces fine lines, dark circles, adds hydration around the eyes and will last months and months. A tiny bit goes a very long way, Coffee and vanilla bean infused olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and whole coffee bean.

cost $10 plus postage

Please note jars may differ from photo. I’m slowly changing from glass to plastic for lighter weights on shipping. But the measurements are the same

Anti aging face treatment, changes the appearance of your skin dramatically, adding a glow, diminishing fine lines, calming any red spots and can even lighten dark spots. With spectacular healing oils. Frankincense,  Sandalwood, avocado  oil, coconut oil, vit E oil, beeswax and infused with reiki love.  Everything in this blend is extremely healing and protective. Added is Frankincense resin for continued healing infusion. When your jar is empty keep the resin tucked in your pillow and let frankincense continue to care for you. $16 includes postage anywhere in the USA TO order please email me 6 available

Pixie roll up hand lotion bars, made with amazing anti microbial essential oils, cinnamon, clove, sweet orange, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter and reiki love. Extremely hydrating and protective.  The antimicrobial oils will will offer protection against pesky germs.  $8 postage included anywhere in the USA. To order please email me  12 available

$10.00 plus postage Magnolias scent in a bottle Magnolia can’t help in lowering anxiety mild depression and reduce stress. Magnolia is a very good cent to have on hand for all occasions but especially during the winter months or during times of illness or injury where we are stuck inside. Magnolias clean fresh exotic scent is also known to facilitate sleep

$10 plus postage NAG CHAMPA aids in relaxation, offers many aromatherapy benefits. It creates a calming affect, dispelling stress and that’s opening access to deeper meditative states.

TO ORDER E-MAIL ME AT with the product or products you are interested in and I can quote you and combine shipping fees. Paypal payment is best but i will accept a check pre arranged. Thank you and Namaste 🙏🏼

$8.00 plus postage Respiratory blend Can greatly help relieving stuffiness from a cold or allergies. It helps maintain a feeling of clear airways and easy breathing. Use in place of Vicks vapor rub which is extremely toxic to our bodies.

$10.00 plus postage Pam’s pain relieving blend ~ this is a blend that I have researched and played around with until I feel I have created a wonderful alternative to pain relieving drugs. This blend is primarily made with Emu oil, bit of coconut oil, beeswax, essential oils of clove, rosemary, black pepper, lavender, and eucalyptus. Emu oil is highly effective as an anti-inflammatory Also offering a warming affect. The essential oil’s that I combined in this blend also offer pain relief.

TO ORDER E-MAIL ME AT with the product or products you are interested in and I can quote you and combine shipping fees. Paypal payment is best but i will accept a check pre arranged. Thank you and Namaste 🙏🏼

What People Are Saying.....,,,

Eye treatment:


Love the eye treatment. I see and feel a difference in only one week-Karen


Thank you for your eye cream. I can see a dif. brighter skin tone! 


Dark circles are much lighter. Thank you 


After a few uses in the same day of the Emu oil pain relief my arthritis in my hands absolutely felt relief. I also enjoy the scent.  




I only use your nag champa and magnolia as my body scent.  Thank you for such wonderful non-chemical blends 💛


After I used  the steam my face glowed and looked hydrated. It must be good! Love the scent too  They also sometimes just steam it on my stove before bedtime and I think it helps me sleep better.


Frankincense face treatment:


Love the scent and that it has real frankincense pieces in it. My face looks great in the morning. 


Send me a jug of this. I want it all over my body (:




Amazing, Love it. Great price too 


send me 4 more! That’s how good it works!


Lotion Stick:


Its alwsys in my purse. I don’t leave home without it. Very convenient. 


Dream Pillow: no longer available 


love my herbal pillow. Makes me feel good. Next I’m trying the Rose water stuff


Versitile Head/Neck wear:


Soap cakes:


Pam's soaps are amazing!! 


All I can say is silky. Will always have a bar in my shower 



*Choose Love For Yourself

By Eliminating as many toxins as possible from our lives and our families we are choosing to empower and love ourselves and our families.  This choice needs to be a daily conscience choice.  I’m here to help.  Please feel free to email me to order a product or ask a question. 

About Pam’s Pixie Spa


I am a one woman apothecary. I create small batches at a time, craft, test products myself, (or on occasion have friends test) I  package and ship them. 

I create and handcraft with only cruelty free, food grade and green environmentally safe ingredients in my products. I package minimally   All are created with organic or sustainably obtained herbs, flowers, oils and butters. My main focus is to create with holistic wellness in mind empowering others to take charge of what goes into their body.  The name of my business Pam’s “Pixie” comes from the idea of creating pixie sized products making them affordable to anyone.  So often we here that folks cannot eat or use natural organic products do to the cost. In a small way I hope that my pixie products and pixie pricing may help folks make good choices for themselves and family.  🌿


*Choose to love yourself  today 

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 I am a 62 almost 63-year-old who has been working toward finding a healthy lifestyle, peacefulness and compassion in my life for the past eight years or so. Yes I was a late bloomer. Through people I met, experiences, Yoga and many classes on various health and life related topics I feel that today I understand more about life, love, health, compassion and the list goes on. I’ll be learning my entire life this I know. I’m open to all experience and people that are knowledgeable and positive and hope through these life experiences I can share and teach others.  I’m a living example of “its never to late”  



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